Dr. Vatsala Sastry, M.D.

Dr.  Vatsala Sastry, M.D., embarked on her medical career after graduating from  M.S. Ramaiaha Medical School which is located in Bangalore, India. She then decided to relocate to America, where she secured an internship at the prestigious Grant Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, followed by residencies at the Foster G. McGaw Hospital in Maywood, Illinois and at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. During this time, she also became Board Certified in Infectious Disease.

Currently, Dr. Sastry works as an infectious disease specialist at Brooksville, Florida. She focuses her work on infections that are either proving difficult to diagnose or have shown to be unresponsive to conventional treatments. Her work includes treating patients with HIV and airborne infections from a foreign country. On a day-to-day basis, Dr. Sastry keeps in close contact with her patients’ primary physician, as any decisions on appropriate tests and potential treatments are strongly influenced by the patient’s medical history. She also contributes her medical expertise in her additional role as an Adjunct Professor at Nova Southeastern University. 

Keen to remain at the forefront in an ever-changing industry, Dr. Sastry is a proud affiliate of Bayfront Health, Brooksville. She is also privileged to retain memberships to several prestigious organizations including the ISDA, the United States Marines, and the Veterans of Armed Forces. In addition, Dr. Sastry is on the board of the renowned philanthropic organization The American Red Cross.

Over the years, Dr. Sastry has received much recognition and acclaim for her work, most notably receiving the Top Doctor Award in 2017. Looking back at her successes, the esteemed doctor is incredibly thankful for the support she continues to receive from her mother Marasa Sastry and her son Adaith Rao, as well as from her late father Sitraram Sastry. She also attributes her achievements to the UPenn Infectious Disease Department.

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